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2019 Elite Exposure Camp Official Recap

07/07/2019, 8:00pm EDT
By Next Up Recruits Staff

2019 Next Up Camp

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- For the 5th year in a row, we welcomed some of the top talent into the Midwest to Kentucky for our annual Elite Exposure camp. This year was our biggest and most competitive camp yet with over 250 campers from 13 different states making their way for one high level day of hoops. This camp had more depth and competition than any we had done in the past, and a large number of campers made a name for themselves or improved their standing in the eyes of our staff going forward. The class of 2020-2023 players really brought it and it made for an exciting day on the hardwood.

As follows are notes on some, but not all, of the campers who stood out to our staff throughout the day:

Brandon Huntley-Hatfield - 2022 F - IMG Academy (FL)
Brandon was an absolute stud all day, and unquestionably the top player in the gym from the jump. It didn’t matter who he went up against, he was a dominant factor. Brandon had dunk after dunk, rebounded the ball with a good motor, played possessions on the wing where he scored off the bounce  and was at the rim trying to tear it off. He made jump shots from just about everywhere. He likes to shoot the three ball which is still developing, but he can make them when he’s open. There was no getting to the rim when he was in the paint, and the rebound was his. He was a very impressive player to watch, and his recruitment is going to go crazy in the near future as one of the top 2022s in the nation.

James Jewell – 2022 F – Louisville Eastern (KY)
There were few players in the gym that had a better day than James. The long and lanky forward dunked everything he could, and it was hard to stop him from getting to his spots. He’s got good hands, runs the floor well, and rebounds out of his area. Finishing over length is easy for him due to his huge wingspan. He’s got as much upside as any 2022 in the state of Kentucky and is definitely tracking as a future D1 player.

Chandler Schmidt – 2022 G – Cabell Midland (WV)
Coming off a strong freshman season debut, where he was a big part of his team making it to the state semifinals somewhat out of nowhere. He’s stocky and shifty, hard to stay in front of, and can use his handle to get into the paint at will. Chandler is a streaky shooter from the outside but very capable. He’s going to get on the floor and give out some buckets. We look forward to tracking his development.

Dominic Schmidt – 2023 G – Cabell Midland (WV)
This was the first opportunity for our staff to see Dominic play up against high school competition and he did not disappoint. The lefty guard has a clip and wasn’t afraid to let it fly from anywhere on the court. He had a very good day overall and showed his ability to score the ball with jumpers and use his handle to get into the paint.

David Early – 2020 G – Logan (WV)
Don’t overthink when it comes to David, all you need to know is he’s a flat out bucket getter. He’s got a unique scoring package; built like a power guard, he has a tight handle and deep range on his jumper. His build allows him to bully smaller defenders on his way to the rim, and he’s got good touch around the basket. A variety of Division 1 programs have offered, and more should be coming as he plays in the July live period.

Sean Marcum – 2021 PF/C – Cabell Midland (WV)
After making his way onto our radar as a sophomore, Sean had a good day at camp. First and foremost, we were impressed with his ability to step out and hit 3s with his feet set on a pretty good looking jumpshot. It will need consistency, but this is a nice addition to Sean’s game. Other than that he ran the floor and finished buckets in the paint. This rising junior is a good looking prospect that we will continue to track going forward.

Ben Nicol – 2023 G – George Washington (WV)
The young lefty guard had a pretty good spring where his name made its way onto our radar, but we were excited to see what he could do against tougher competition. He can shoot the ball from beyond the arc and converted multiple tough drives. He’s got good upside and an advanced body for his age, he looks like he could be one of the first players to emerge in what seems to be a talented 2023 group in WV.

Isaac Spears – 2021 G – Athens Prep (TN)
Man, oh man did this young and bouncy wing guard breakout on Sunday. The We All Can Go guard came to camp on a mission to make a name for himself and had one of the best days of any prospect in attendance. He slashed to the rim with ease and finished with authority on a variety of dunks in the halfcourt. He scored using a nice floater on drives where he got cut off and showed a capable jumper from beyond the arc. He is a very good looking prospect and should attract many offers from Division 1 schools by the time his career is over.

Isaac Settles – 2021 PG – Thomas Worthington (OH)
Making the drive down from Columbus, Isaac did not disappoint one bit. He progressively got better with each viewing throughout the day. We were most impressed with his ability to pass the ball with both hands, especially a jaw dropping one handed full court pass that lead to a dunk by a teammate. He got cooking from 3 as well, nailing multiple step back jumpers/catch and shoot. He should attract interest at the D1 and D2 levels, especially if he continues to improve his overall scoring game.

Rodrell Dryden – 2020 WF – Woodford County (KY)
A player who always seems to step up his game when the competition level goes up, Rodrell had a really good camp. He does not need to be ball dominant to produce, is a good rebounder from the wing, and uses his athleticism in every area of the game. Some college program will take him and be happy that they got a kid with a great motor who does things that help contribute to winning.

Marques Warrick – 2020 G – Henry Clay (KY)
One of the biggest risers of the Spring in Kentucky’s 2020 class, Marques just keeps handing out buckets on each stage, one after the next. The lefty has a smooth scoring package, especially when it comes to scoring from beyond the arc where he can fill it up as a knockdown shooter. Bellarmine and Kent State are the latest schools to offer, and should he have a strong July, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more throw their name into the ring.

Tyren Moore – 2020 SG – Louisville Male
A stocky guard that is productive every time he takes the court, Tyren did just that once again. He is an absolute can’t leave open shooter from the perimeter and is one of the top shooters in the entire state of Kentucky to boot. Rarely does he fail to show out in front of our staff, and camp was no different.

Michael Moore – 2022 C – Kennedy Catholic (PA)
One of the best young big men in the Midwest, who had a really good spring on the Adidas circuit playing for Wildcat Select 15U, Michael is continuing to improve every time he takes the floor. He was a lot more aggressive looking to dunk the ball every time he was near the hoop, and puts a lid on the basket defensively with his shot blocking. Michael is coordinated and runs the floor hard, and has as much upside as any 2022 big we have seen to date.

David Tubek – 2022 F – Chapmanville (WV)
Ever since arriving in America this past Spring, David has continued to develop at a rapid pace and his overall game is incredible. This stocky wing forward can play inside-out and his jumpshot is getting better and better, going from an average shooter to a good one in just a few months. He has great fundamentals and uses his strong frame to get on the glass for easy scoring chances. If he continues to improve at this rate, he is going to be special.

Ametri Moss – 2021 PG – Clarksville Northwest (TN)
This lefty guard played his way onto the camp staff’s radar well before games ever started. He was handing out bucket after bucket using a lethal pullup jumper throughout the skill work session of the day. He’s got a tight handle nad is hard to stay in front of. We look forward to tracking his progression for the rest of high school.

TJ Montgomery – 2020 PG – Jackson, MS
One of the camp staff’s favorite kids to work with during last year’s camp, TJ once again made the drive from Mississippi and went to work. He is very vocal on both ends of the floor and with quick hands, he gets many steals and creates turnovers on the defensive side of the ball. He can make the game easier for those around him, and has turned into a good shooter from beyond the arc. He’s shifty, and plays with a swagger.

Jaxon Smith – 2022 G – Lincoln County (KY)
This stocky young guard always is productive when he takes the floor. Despite being built big, he moves with ease and always plays at his own speed. Jaxon gets off shots in the midrange and can get into the paint, where he has a variety of finishes in his bag. He’s one of the top 2022 prospects in the state.

Ezekiel Montgomery – 2021 G – Fern Creek (KY)
This guard is flat out tough. The game comes easy to him, he shoots the ball with ease from beyond the arc, and his ability to score is impressive. He has already established himself as one of the top 2021 guards in the state, but continues to impress. One D2 coach in the gym called him a “no brainer Division 1 guard” and we can’t disagree.

Trent Findlay Jr. – 2020 G – Male (KY)
Like many of his Male teammates, it always seemed that when a kid was playing extra hard there was a chance he went to Male. This guard drove into the teeth of the defense repeatedly throughout the day, often finishing simply because he wanted it more than the rest of the players on the floor. He should be a contributor on a Male squad that many think has a chance to win it all.

Jaden Schooler – 2022 PG – Fern Creek (KY)
This little guard is a feisty lead guard that has a good sense of where the ball will be or needs to go at all times. He comes up with rebounds that a guy his size isn’t supposed to get and it’s all heart. He understands angles, shooting, and rebounding. Schooler is a pest on the defensive side of the ball as well. We love his competitiveness

Anthony Tabor – 2020 PG – Woodford County (KY)
Anthony played well when we saw him. He has a good instinct with the ball penetrating gaps and distributing. He didn’t look to score as much as he could have, but he did show the ability to put the ball in the hole. The one thing that really stood out was his effort on the defensive end of the ball.

Kale Gaither – 2021 PG – Union County (KY)
Gaither has always been an intriguing prospect, but he plays different in different settings. On his high school team he dominates the ball and always looks to score, and does it very well. In AAU, he plays in attack mode, finds teammates, and looks to score while playing a complete game. In our camp, he played with a combination of both.

Bronco Ballingate – 2020 C – Dunbar (KY)
The first time our staff got the chance to see this big, he was raw and under developed with a college ready body. In this camp I got to see that he’s been working on his game on the offensive side, and that his coordination and timing on the defensive side has really improved. Right now playing with his back-to-the-basket isn’t a strong suit, but it is something that is getting better and could definitely be dominant with the right coaching. He showed physical rebounding, and rim protection.

Darrius Carver – 2021 PG – Moore (KY)
This guard stood out immediately to our staff due to his ability to communicate on both ends of the floor, with or without the ball. Then as the game continued he began to run his camp team like a school team. They listened to him, and he made them better for it. His play was team oriented, but he was also able to drive into the paint and finish over the defense. Carver shot the ball well from mid-range and outside which opened up lanes for him to drive. He made the right passes and finished some tough shots at the rim.

DaShawn Jackson – 2021 G-  Fredrick Douglass (KY)
DaShawn is a smooth young player that has already shown he has the whole package on the offensive side of the ball. He doesn’t play above the rim yet but he can score it from all over the court. He can play on or off the ball and the results are the same. He sees plays in advance, makes the right reads, and creates open looks for him and his teammates. Right now he can guard 1-3 but we can see that extending to the 4 spot because he has a good frame and will only get stronger and more athletic in the coming years.

Hunter Bedwell – 2020 PF – Franklin (TN)
Hunter was a player we really liked. He is a long 4/5 man that played well in the middle of the floor and on the offensive side he showed some skills with his back to the basket. He completed plays running the floor in transition and loves to dunk everything. On the defensive side, he was a rim protector and a really good rebounder. One of the best things about him was his attitude. He competed all day against some very good competition, but he always had positive energy and a smile on his face. Body language matters.

Ksaun Casey – 2020 C – Madisonville North Hopkins (KY)
Casey has a very big body that makes it difficult for defenders to move or get around, and he uses it to his advantage when it comes to bullying guys in the paint to score or get rebounds. With fresh legs, he gets up and down the floor good in transition and is a load to stop at the rim but fatigue set in quick at times during camp. Ksaun has the size and ability to be a dominant player, but will need to work on conditioning to maximize his true potential.

Tyrus Baynham, Jr. – 2020 G - Lincoln Academy (NC)
Tyrus was a late addition to camp but quickly stood out due to the fact that he an edgy competitor that plays with a lot of passion. There was no doubt he was confident in his game, and it didn’t take long to see why. He could score from all levels with good consistency, is skilled with the ball, and made blowing by defenders look effortless. He is an extremely good athlete and showcased it with several dunks in transition and a couple of drop step dunks in the post. He is definitely a player we look forward to seeing more.

Ryan Davidson – 2023 G – North Laurel (KY)
A player who seems to improve with every viewing, Ryan has consistently improved throughout the years. Once a stiff and lanky wing, he has developed fluidity, handles, and a full scoring package. Now developed into a true combo guard, he can push the ball in transition, see the floor, and attack the defense. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more development in his game prior to his freshman year and can’t wait to see what is next.

Trey James – 2021 C – Martin County (KY)
A player who is consistently intriguing to our staff, Trey has good size and a good body for his position. His ability to protect the rim on the defensive end with good timing, shot blocking, and ability to hit the defensive glass is unquestionable. He has improved his ability to run the floor and is still getting better. James has added a turn-around jump shot in the post and can shoot out to around 12 feet. He is starting to try and dunk everything more often, but the thing coaches and evaluators are looking for is the aggressive and dominant presence in the paint. Catch the ball, put it on the floor, and abuse the defender to score. Use drop steps and up-an-under moves to draw fouls and finish through contact facing the rim. The potential to be a big time player is there, but it’s up to Trey on how soon he wants to show it.  

Jerone Morton – 2022 PG – George Rogers Clark (KY)
Jerone is a wild card for the 2022 class. He definitely looks the part for the best potential guard in this class in KY and his play is dominant at times, but he’s a little up and down. There’s no doubt he’s a player because he can play off the bounce, can shoot it, has good vision, and is a willing defender. He just gets in the flow of the game sometimes when he should be the play maker. The opportunity is there for him to rise above the rest, but the consistency and dominant factor has to improve.

Turrell Cleaves, Jr – 2022 G – Louisville Butler (KY)
Cleaves is another very interesting player for the 2022 class. He continues to get better every time we see him, and at this camp he had a very dominant performance. When we were watching, it didn’t matter who was in front of him he was just determined to get a bucket. Turrell shot the ball the best we’ve seen from him to date. He got 2 feet in the paint whenever he wanted, he finished tough shot after tough shot at the rim, and he exploded for multiple dunks while showing his athleticism. He is definitely making a case as one of the top guys in the 2022 Kentucky class.

Kenny White – 2020 WF – Madisonville North Hopkins (KY)
Kenny White came into camp as one of the top players and did nothing to change that. He made the top 20 all star game, but as we’ve said in the past, we’d like to see his motor run harder. When he played with a motor it was a joy to watch him dominate the game. He has a calm nature and silky-smooth game off the bounce. At times he left defenders standing still as he finished at the rim on drives. His shot looked good as well. He is a good defender, but has potential to be a dominant one. He rebounds the ball well for a wing to boot.

Javontay Rollings – 2020 G – James Madison (TN)
Rollings caught our attention immediately due to his ability to lock up in a camp setting, going right after a player on an opposing team that was cooking. This created a series of trips where teammates wanted to see them go head to head and Javontay was up for the challenge. He has a good body and big shoulders that allows him to absorb driving contact. He never got knocked off balance. On the offensive end he used his skill set to penetrate gaps and get to spots knocking down mid-range shots and occasionally finishing through defenders. The three ball wasn’t his best game, but he could make them enough to keep the defense honest. 

Trace Flanary – 2021 G – Bowling Green (KY)
Trace had about as good a showing at camp as he possibly could. He was making plays for those around him and his passes were dimes. He was shooting the ball with high consistency from everywhere and put his athleticism on display. He had a very impressive day to say the least, and was one of the top performers of the camp.

Darik “DJ” Holman – 2021 G – Henry Clay (KY)
Holman was a solid performer throughout the day. He played with really good energy and intensity, and stayed consistent shooting the ball in the mid-range. He was a tough guard for defenders off the bounce, and loves to play downhill getting into gaps. Dj also didn’t back down from any challenges on the defensive side of the ball.

Jackson Sivills – 2020 SG – McCracken County (KY)
Jackson started slow early on, but it didn’t take long for him to get it going. Once he did, it was buckets from the elbow, turn around jumpers from the short corner, and three balls from just about everywhere. When he got comfortable he started putting it on the floor and getting to the rim. Sivills also went to work on the boards, and was playing very solid defense throughout the performance. He has been getting better and better in recent years, and is one of the very best players in Kentucky 2020.  

Amirion Joyce – 2020 PG – Bourbon County (KY)
Amirion, in our opinion, is the most under recruited player in the 2020 Kentucky class. He has it all in his game. He defends, he can shoot it, pass it, score it off the bounce, and he is really athletic. He has a 3.1 GPA and a 21 on his ACT. Coaches need to watch this young man play during the July live period. Most importantly, he plays with 100% motor every time he’s on the floor, whether its in a camp setting or playing in high level high school games. He will lead a much improved Bourbon County squad this year.

Dayvion McKnight – 2020 PG – Collins (KY)
He’s a skilled point that can do just about everything you want from a winning lead guard. What stood out most was his rebounding and ability to use his athleticism in various areas of his game. He attacked the glass against 6’6 to 6’8 guys and because he was the tougher player he often came away with the board. He has some transition dunks and a nasty one in the half court coming off the wing, but I was impressed to see him catching lobs and dunking with ease. He’s the top 2020 PG in Kentucky, one of the state’s top recruits, and a true floor general.

Isaiah Mason – 2021 G – Bowling Green (KY)
Isaiah is developing into one of the best prospects in the 2021 Kentucky class. He has grown into a more ball dominant player who is looking to score more. His handle has become tighter and his passing more on time and target. His ability to shoot the ball from distance has become more consistent and is really starting to use his length to defend, getting into passing lanes and creating transition opportunities. If he continues to develop, he will stay one of the top prospects in his class.

Marcellus Vail – 2020 SG – Collins (KY)
Marcellus was an absolute bucket every time we saw him take the floor for games, and it seemed like he didn’t miss a shot all day. He was in a complete zone shooting the ball. It was obvious all his teammates knew he was in the zone as well because they would all find him just about every time they needed a basket. Vail normally plays off the ball, but took on a different roll by playing some PG for his team at camp and he looked comfortable as a creator for his team.

Randy Brady – 2021 G – Brentwood Academy (TN)
Randy is a guard with nice size and a sturdy handle that can play the 1-3. He understands how to take advantage of his defender off the bounce or by taking him down in the post. He has a nice post presence for a young guard. He also made several shots inside and outside the arc which allowed him to be a threat attacking the basket. Brady is going to be a sought after recruit once coaches really start recruiting the 2021 class hard and is already getting looks from high major schools all over the country.

JJ Traynor – 2020 F – Bardstown (KY)
JJ is a long athletic stretch forward type player that can pull his defender out beyond the arc and take him off the bounce or make an open three. For a developing wing-forward he has good vision and can pass it well. Traynor is bouncy with a quick second jump with his long arms and collects rebounds at a high rate. He can finish consistently with both hands around the rim, dunks anything close, and has nice touch on his jumper out to 15ft. He screams upside and his best basketball is still way ahead of him.

Tim Hall – 2022 G – Dunbar (KY)
Tim is an absolute ball of energy, a warrior on the court, and a relentless rebounder that will dive on the floor, take charges, and never back down from any opponent. He has a motor that never quits. He is skilled, and can create his own offense, and thrives off contact. He loves banging in the paint getting put backs or rebounds to start the break, and he will push it in transition. He is one of those glue guys that every coach needs on their team.

Dallas Roberts – 2023 G – North Oldham (KY)
Roberts is a very savvy ball handler with good poise and vision. He uses his ability to handle the ball to get by defenders to shoot floaters, or drop of assts. Dallas also has good range on his jump shot, so defenders can’t sag off and help.

Jack Edelen – 2023 PG – Louisville, KY
Jack is a very savvy, pass first PG that plays the game the right way. He always knows where his teammates are, and finds them to make plays. He doesn’t get rattled, and has knack to go get buckets without hunting shots. His ability to shoot the deep ball keeps defenders up and allows him to use his handle to create looks. He’s a tough defender always plays with good energy.

Turner Buttry – 2022 PG – Bowling Green (KY)
Turner is a hard-nosed lead guard that always plays the game like he has a point to prove. He has good vision and can make the right read in driving situations but if he can put the ball in the basket that’s what he’s going to do. His 3 ball and mid-range are pretty consistent and he has a scorer’s mentality, but he will create opportunities for others. He’s a heady player with a really good motor that he uses on both ends of the court to help his team win.

Jeremiah Belton – 2022 PG – LaRue County (KY)
Jeremiah is a strong built lead guard that always plays to set the table for his teammates. He likes to play in attack mode and out of pick n roll situations to get downhill. He has shown the ability to make shots at all levels, but his strong suit is being a leader on the court and running a team.

Darrius Washington - 2021 F - Fern Creek HS (KY)
When Darrius is playing with energy, he is in the discussion for the top prospect in the Kentucky 2021 class and on Sunday his motor was running! Darrius has the potential to develop into an elite shot blocker and has improved his offensive skill set drastically. While he still needs to become a better finisher at the rim, Darrius has developed into a solid mid-major prospect.

Howard Fleming 2020 PG – Male (KY)
An explosive athlete who has battled multiple injuries during his HS career, Fleming is fully healthy and should be a serious candidate for KY Mr. Basketball. Fleming has a strong handle and good court vision and gets to the paint whenever he wants. If his outside shot continues to improve Fleming’s recruitment will seriously take off during his senior season.

Dre Boyd - 2020 G - Warren Central HS (KY)
A bouncy wing, Boyd is a fierce competitor who can take over a game in a hurry. While he needs to improve his 3 point shooting, Boyd is tough to guard off the bounce and has the athleticism to finish over length. Boyd showed great effort at camp and college coaches took notice, we expect offers to start rolling in soon.

Rashad Bishop – 2020 F – Ballard (KY)
An elite athlete who is also a D1 Football prospect, Bishop has improved his offensive skill set tremendously and is now showing the ability to step out and knock down outside shots. With his length and athleticism, Bishop can defend multiple positions and is a double-digit rebounding threat every time he touches the court. Bishop has not chosen which sport he wants to play in college but if he chooses basketball we see him developing into a solid wing or mismatch forward.

Eli Roberts – 2020 F/C – DuPont Manual (KY)
A throwback post player Roberts is the most fundamentally sound big in the KY 2020 class. A tremendous student and high character young man, Roberts has all the intangibles a college coach desires. What Roberts lacks in athleticism he makes up for with skill and effort, he also is a strong back to the basket scorer who has improved as an outside shooter. Production is something that should not be underrated and Roberts produces every time out.

Noah Courtney – 2020 WF – Male (KY)
A high energy player who owns the boards on both sides of the court, Courtney has made huge strides this summer. Courtney has transitioned from an undersized post player to a wing due to huge improvements in his ball handling and passing. Courtney has always been the ultimate glue guy willing to defend and play his role but we can now add offensive playmaker to his resume.

Taylor Spurlock – 2020 G – Harlan County (KY)
One of the best shooters at camp, Spurlock is one of the top scorers in Eastern Kentucky and caught the eye of quite a few college coaches at camp. While he definitely needs to get stronger there is no denying Spurlock’s ability to score the ball at all 3 levels and he is a major sleeper in the KY 2020 class.

CeArius Warren – 2021 F – Louisville Southern (KY)
Arguably the most athletic prospect in KY, Warren is an explosive dunker who excels in transition. If Warren’s motor improves he will be a can’t miss D1 prospect but it’s important that he continues to work on his perimeter skills and give maximum effort each time he touches the court. He has looked considerably better this spring after suiting up for Team Thad on the UAA circuit and we expect a consistent motor to develop on its own as he gets older.

Dominic Wynn – 2020 PG – Ensworth (TN)
A scoring point guard, Wynn can get hot in a hurry and has the ability to take over a game with his shooting. This was our first time evaluating Wynn and he made a huge impact on our staff. We believe Wynn is a potential D1 player and we will continue to track his progress at Ensworth.

Casey Steadmon - 2022 SG - Fern Creek HS (KY)
A knockdown 3 ball shooter, Steadmon was one of a handful of 2022 prospects to make the All-Star game. While we would like to see Steadmon improve his playmaking ability off the bounce, there is no denying his ability to change the game with his outside shooting. He emerged in a big way and should be a contributor on an always good Fern Creek squad.

Kaleb Glenn – 2023 F – Male (KY)
Arguably the top prospect in the KY 2023 class already, Glenn is a guy that D1 coaches should already have on their radar. An explosive athlete with a high skill level, Glenn already has varsity basketball experience having played as an 8th grader at Ballard HS and now will be a major contributor to a loaded Male HS team. If Glenn is able to grow to 6’7 or taller we could be talking about a future top 25 kid in the country.

Alijah Watts - 2021 G - University Heights Academy (KY)
A hard nosed competitive guard who rebounds his position as well as any guard at camp. A recent transfer from Hopskinsville High School. We expect Watts to form a talented duo with PG KJ Crump and be an immediate started at UHA and one of the top young players in Western Kentucky. Hopkinsville always has dudes that can play, and we expect Alijah to be one of the Next Up in Western KY.

Jamision Epps- 2020 F - Marion County HS (KY)
A strong built undersized 4 man who has developed into a consistent low post scorer and strong rebounder. We would like to see Epps play with more energy on the defensive side of the floor and continue to work on his lateral quickness and explosiveness. He has truly taken leaps and bounds with his overall game this spring, and is should be noted that he’s a great kid off the court as well.

Keno Hayden - 2022 G – Ballard (KY)
A long and athletic combo guard who should get every opportunity to be a major contributor in Ballard’s backcourt this season. Hayden is outstanding at getting into the lane where he uses good body control to finish at the rim. With his length and quickness, Hayden should develop into a lockdown defender who can guard multiple positions.

Joe Meador – 2020 F/C - Franklin County HS (KY)
A long stretch 4 with athleticism, Meador lit it up from 3 all day at camp while also showing his ability as a rim runner and athlete. We liked him in the past and with this past growth spurt, his ceiling has been raised. While he needs to add strength, Meador staked his claim as the most underrated 2020 prospect in Kentucky and a guy that coaches should look out as what he will be down the road vs what he is now.  

Deljuan Johnson – 2020 G/F -  Madisonville North Hopkins HS (KY)
One of the top leapers at camp, Johnson had some amazing dunks in traffic and showcased his elite defensive abilities. While he needs to refine is offensive skillset, there is no question Johnson has the vertical length and athleticism to grab college coaches attention. He is a player to watch on loaded Madisonville NH squad that should be one of the state’s best.

Brayden Reynolds - 2021 G - Chartiers Valley (PA)
Taking the long trip from Pittsburgh, one of the current underrated hotbeds of high school basketball, Brayden showed off his high skill level throughout the camp day. He is a great shooter from beyond the arc, both off the bounce and on the catch. He can run the pick and roll and make tough passes to shooters on the wing, with the ability to get into the paint and finish as well. This was our first viewing, but certainly will not be the last. 

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