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Next Up Recruits Camp Recap (Class of 2024)

07/11/2022, 8:30pm EDT
By Next Up Recruits Staff

June 25th was our 10th Next Up Recruits Elite Exposure camp and the 6th in Kentucky. The camp was loaded with talent, media, and college coaches. It was a great day for campers who attended from multiple states to showcase their skills and gain exposure. So far, nearly 900 campers have gone on to college to play basketball and from the looks of this weekend, there will be plenty more added to the camp alumni list.

As follows are notes on some, but not all of the campers who stood out on the day for the class of 2024:


Lee’Twon Bray – 5’9 PG – 2024 – Doss (KY)

A floor general who puts the ball in the basket when it is needed. Scores in a variety of ways and displays quickness with the ball in his hands. He has a shifty handle, and he makes good plays for his teammates off the bounce. Played well in all 3 of his games and was definitely snubbed from the all-star game. A kid for coaches to keep an eye on in Louisville, KY.

Brett Decker – 6’1 PG – 2024 – Central Hardin (KY)

A gifted and smooth 3 level scorer. He has a beautiful jump shot that he can hit from anywhere on the floor. He is sneaky bouncy and with his shiftiness, he makes it tough for defenders to hold him one on one. Decker can lead his team by doing other things than scoring, but he can also pour it in at a moment’s notice. Scores from anywhere on the court.

Dayton Williams – 6’4 G – 2024 – Butler (KY)

He comes with good length and has a very pretty jumper. Has proven that he can do a lot with the ball in his hands. Plays above the rim and is a crafty finisher. He came up with a ton of deflections on defense at camp.

Brax Ward – 6’8 F – 2024 – Owen County (KY)

A workhorse on the inside doing all the little things. He is always in the right spots on the floor, and he displays very good hands. He scores well around the rim and comes with very good touch.

Jimmy Cami – 6’9 F – 2024 – Apollo (KY)

Runs the floor great, gets to his spots, and dunks everything thrown to him. He provides very good rim protection on the defensive end, and he rebounds at a high rate. Comes up with several deflections on defense.

Ayden Evans – 6’9 F – 2024 – Elizabethtown (KY)

He plays with a great touch around the rim, and he comes with a ton of upside. He can put the ball on the floor and make plays for himself and others, and he can spread the floor because of his ability to knockdown 3’s.

Damone King – 6’2 PG – 2024 – DuPont Manual (KY)

Super quick and shifty with the ball in his hands, he was able to blow by anyone in front of him at camp. His quick footwork and hesi game kept the defenders on edge and on their heels. He showed his ability to hit shots from anywhere and his passing was great too. He found all his open teammates at the right times.

Luke Erhardt – 6’0 CG – 2024 – Spencer County (KY)

A very good shooter with a college ready body. He can score the ball in bunches, and he gets hot quick. He has a quick release and shows no hesitation when a defender puts their hand down. He makes good reads off ball screens and made several plays for the screeners at camp.

ReShaun Hampton – 5’11 PG – 2024 – George Rogers Clark (KY)

A strong body PG with a lot of skills. Handles it with the best, passes well, and is as crafty a finisher as you will find. A lockdown defender with a high motor. Hampton is one of the more slept on players in the state for this 2024 class.

Dillon Tingler – 6’7 SG – 2024 – Huntington Prep (WV)

An elite shooter with a lot of length, he can put it on the floor and get wherever he wants on the floor. He finishes above the rim, plays at a good pace, and never gets out of control. A high level two way player.

Jordan McCullom – 6’8 W – 2024 – Huntington Prep (WV)

A long and lanky, has a quick first step, and will not hesitate to dunk on a defender if he has the chance. He rebounded the ball really well, and pushed tempo often. Jordan, is good in transition, but he can also shoot with range and has nice feet for post work.

Quel’ron House – 5’11 PG – 2024 – Ballard (KY)

Played with his pedal to the medal. He was locking down on defense and carving up defenders like a butcher’s knife. This kid plays with intensity, has a quick first step, and a controlled handle.  Can get to the cup and knock down open shots when needed. Recently picked up his first D1 offer from Jacksonville State.

Brandon Radford – 5’10 PG – 2024 – Louisville Moore

Was a tough customer. He was physical and had a really good motor. He did not shy away from any contact on the perimeter or attacking the basket. He loved to attack the rim, but showed he could shoot too. I’m sure this young man was a refreshing to see by new Head Coach Richard Gatewood.

Jaylan Rigdon – 6’1 PG – 2024 – Pike Central (KY)

The Pike Central guard is quick with the ball and is a great decision maker with the ball. He can get to the basket and finish easily with either hand. Passes well with both hands and has his head on a swivel looking for cutters at all times. Shoots the ball well from beyond the arc. A very solid PG with a polished game.

Donovan Stone – 6’0 G – 2024 – Bardstown (KY)

A lefty sharpshooter that is a consistent bucket and has crazy range on his shot. Has a knack for scoring the ball and does so in bunches. If he can become more of a facilitator and show that he can be a PG, his stock will rise. However, he continues to show that he is a heck of a player, playing like he has a chip on his shoulder.

Ian Reesor – 6’6 SG – 2024 – Sayre (KY)

A big guard that can shoot the lights out from 3 when he gets hot. Knocked down multiple shots from deep and even showed flashes of good athleticism in transition. Reesor is a sleeper at Sayre that coaches should check out.

Alex Evans – 6’5 F – 2024 – Elizabethtown (KY)

He continues to show improvement and had some very good plays this weekend. Got up and had a nice dunk in a game, played physical, and scored well around the basket. Has an underrated jump shot which he has shown by knocking down from mid-range and 3. A solid defender and rebounder.

 Jack Donan – 6’1 CG – 2024 – Eastern (KY)

Jack was doing his thing in the 5 on 5 scoring in all sorts of ways. He has the nice step back from 3 that he creates great space with. Got into the paint when he wanted off the bounce and even got in the paint and grabbed a couple rebounds for putbacks. A solid performance for the combo guard from Eastern.

Gerard O’Keefe – 6’4 SG – 2024 – IMG Academy (FL)

One of the best pure scorers at the and possibly the best shooter in any gym he ever walks into. The SG showed off his in the gym range in every game that he played. Not just a shooter, a scorer at every level and does so with consistency. Gerard scored a stunning 57 points in the TOP 20 all star game and was named MVP. Vanderbilt has recently offered him and that will be the first of many high major offers.

Layton Starks – 6’4 F – 2024 – Bourbon County (KY)

An athletic slasher that is a two-way player. A lockdown defender and rebounds the ball. He scored the ball a lot around the basket, but also showed multiple times that he can knock down a 3 ball.

Spencer Breeden – 6’1 PG – 2024 – Grant County (KY)

Breeden’s stock is rising fast in this 2024 KY class. The PG is one of the better passers in the state and will thread the needle to find his teammates in transition. Has great burst and blow by speed with his first step. Obtains the ability to impact a game with facilitating and scoring. A strong body guard that has a combination of skill and IQ that translate to the next level.

Jaylen Ellis – 6’8 F – 2024 – Western HS (KY)

One of the more intriguing rising juniors in the state. Ellis has a combination of size and skill that will catch the eyes of D1 coaches. He can score it well around the basket, along with the capability of facing up and putting the ball on the floor to make a play. Defensively he can guard multiple positions and has good timing blocking shots.

Antayvion Lawrence – 5’11 PG – 2024 – Western HS (KY)

He passed the ball well throughout the day and was one of the better on ball defenders at camp for the guard position. The western guard plays hard, has active hands, and has a knack for disrupting passing lanes.

Dontre Russell – 5’8 PG – 2024 – Butler (KY)

Stayed active on both ends. Showed off his shiftiness in the halfcourt which lead to buckets from mid-range and at the basket. Hit multiple layups in transition traffic with confidence. Has a nose for the ball and gets a lot done when he is on the floor.

Owen Barnes – 6’2 G – 2024 – Danville (KY)

Barnes gives you all the effort and more. He played well defensively steadily locking down his man with blocked shots and multiple steals. Offensively he moves well without the ball and got found multiple times with good cuts to the basket.

Kellen Dossett – 6’0 G – 2024 – Gallatin County (KY)

Dossett was a stock riser at camp for this 2024 class. One of the prettiest jump shots in the building. He was knocking down 3’s left and right. Not just a sniper, he can make plays off the bounce for himself and others as well.

Kaydon Custard – 6’1 G – 2024 – Harrison County (KY)

A tough kid that is a true 2-way player. He is an unselfish player that likes to get others involved. He can make plays for himself too, getting by his man with ease off the dribble and finishes well in traffic. Uses the combination of his speed and strength to his advantage. Good through contact.

Isaiah Chitapa – 6’3 G – 2024 – Ballard (KY)

Had a good showing and scored the ball in every way imaginable. Knocked down open 3’s when given the chance. Hit multiple layups on the dribble drive. Put backs from offensive rebounds.  You name it, more than likely Isaiah did it. When you play with his effort, good things happen.

Jacob Tucker – 6’4 SG – 2024 – Fairdale (KY)

Lefty with good size and athleticism. A pure stroke from 3 and he showed this at camp. Mixes it up offensively as he showed he cannot be stopped when taking it to the rack and finishing at the rim. Plays with physicality and finishes easily with contact. Defends multiple positions.

Dalton Hicks – 6’2 PG – 2024 – Fairdale (KY)

Extra shifty guard with tight handles. High basketball IQ , court vision, and is an elite passer. One of the better PG’s in the city of Louisville and he showed us this throughout the day.  Big time playmaker ability.

Riley Brown – 6’3 CG – 2024 – Thomas Nelson (KY)

A high IQ player with a good feel for the game. Consistently made plays and showed that he is a crafty finisher when finishing around size. Shot the ball very well. Played hard and is extra competitive. Took multiple charges, which is rare in a camp setting.

Brenton Moore – 6’1 SG – 2024 – Jeffersontown (KY)

A lot of potential as a shooting guard. He can really shoot it and when he gets hot, he needs little to no room to get his shot off. Not just a shooter, he can score in other ways but this helps him keep the defenders honest and uses it to his advantage.

MJ Wardlow – 6’1 PG – 2024 – Bowling Green (KY)

MJ was one of the top point guards in the entire camp. He is a heady guard that has the ball on a string and a quick first step. Can score when he wants but is an unselfish player that creates offense for his team. Has a good jumper with range along with the ability to get downhill and finish when attacking. Defends at a high level.

Max Green – 6’5 PG – 2024 – Oldham County (KY)

A highly underrated player in the state of KY and he showed this at camp. Green is a wiry PG with good length and elite playmaker abilities. He is a jack of all trades that can handle, pass, shoot, and does so with a high IQ. Once his body feels out then the offers will start rolling in. A sure fire D1 prospect.

Bo Morse – 6’5 PF – 2024 – Ohio County (KY)

Bo is a physical post presence on both ends. He uses his body and physicality to his advantage around the basket with his nice touch. Has a very consistent mid-range jumper and a good looking, smooth stroke.

Will Gibson – 6’6 F – 2024 – DeSales (KY)

A lefty strong body 4 man that is light on his feet, has great footwork, hands, and soft touch around the basket. One of the most fundamentally sound and skilled post players in the state. Passes the ball exceptionally well for his position. Finishes with either hand. Watch him for a day and you will fall in love with his game.

Jeremiah Godfrey – 6’7 F – 2024 – Great Crossing (KY)

Long, super athletic, and plays with a high motor. Godfrey uses his strengths well blocking shots and snagging rebounds in and out of his area. A lob catcher in transition that is still polishing his overall offensive skill set. He is a very intriguing prospect.  

Ravante Coward – 6’2 G – 2024 – Doss (KY)

An athletic guard that scores it from all over the court. Has a nice handle and creates space for his jump shot. He showed that he is shifty with the ball and uses that to get by his man to the basket to finish with either hand or find open teammates when the defense collapses. Has a good 3 ball and shoots it with a lot of confidence.  Defends on the ball very well.

Keaton Baird – 6’4 SG – 2024 – Collins (KY)

He has a good handle and was showing no signs of trouble getting by his man. Finished well on the drive and showed that he is sneaky athletic in transition. Baird has a nice floater from the mid-range and has court vision that he uses to find open teammates when attacking.

Brady Cummins – 6’1 PG – 2024 – DeSales (KY)

Cummins is known as a floor general and he showed that at camp. He ran his team well in a camp setting and was able to be a playmaker throughout the day. Showed off his elite shooting ability with range. He’s a very solid player and his stock continues to rise in the 2024 class.

John Reinhart – 6’0 G – 2024 – Lexington Catholic (KY)

A tough, gritty player that leaves nothing out on the court. Showed us that he is capable from scoring on the drive, mid-range, and a high percentage shooter from the arc.  The combination of his toughness, IQ, and ability to hit shots makes him an appealing prospect.

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